The First International Women’s Congress “Women’s Movement and the Modern World” is over

Resolution First International Women’s Congress “Women’s Movement and the Modern World”, Kazan, August 22, 2014.

The participants of the Congress noted the need for the following steps in the development of international humanitarian cooperation of women’s public associations and women leaders on the basis of interaction and intercultural dialogue:

  • to declare the inadmissibility of resolving any conflicts by military methods and the need for their settlement by peaceful means at the negotiating table;
  • unite efforts and urge international organizations to assist in eliminating the consequences of the civil conflict in the Donbass;
  • to declare the need to oppose the revival of fascism and attempts to falsify history;
  • to encourage women’s associations and women leaders to actively participate in the preparation and celebration of the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism in World War II;
  • to intensify international humanitarian cooperation of women’s associations and women leaders to achieve a new quality of multidisciplinary international humanitarian ties, their systematic and purposeful character for promoting and protecting women’s social rights and interests in the economic, political and social spheres;
  • promote the formation of social structures that coordinate the efforts of the international women’s movement to overcome such threats of the present, such as the aggravation of the global economic crisis, the expansion of global conflict, dehumanization, the crisis of the institution of the family, the destruction of traditional values, etc .;
  • to develop constructive cooperation and partnership with all structures of civil society in order to improve the economic, social, political, legal status of women, increase women’s awareness of their rights, their self-realization and active participation on the basis of equality in socially significant activities and business;
  • to promote innovative development of modern economy, effective international interaction of representatives of professional communities, creation of institutional mechanisms for expanding business partnership and personal contacts of women leaders;
  • disseminate the positive experience of implementing socially significant projects by women’s associations and women leaders aimed at preserving interethnic and interfaith peace and harmony, protecting motherhood and childhood, strengthening the family, developing education and culture, promoting humanistic social and cultural values;
  • disseminate progressive examples of world experience in supporting the political and business activation of women by society and the state, the implementation of programs for the development of women’s entrepreneurship;
    to create information resources with the purpose of forming an infrastructure for active interaction of women’s associations, exchange of experience, participation in joint initiatives;
  • continue the practice of holding congresses every two years as a permanent platform for dialogue between women’s public associations and women leaders.

The role and influence of women in state, regional, municipal governance and strategic development planning

Women’s civil initiatives as a factor in strengthening international cooperation, interethnic harmony

Women in the humanitarian development of society, their role in education, science, culture and the media

Women’s civil initiatives as an example of solving social, humanitarian issues of society, development of charity


  • Administration of the President of the Russian Federation;
  • Government of the Russian Federation;
  • Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;
  • State Duma of the Russian Federation;
  • Government, Duma and the Mayoralty of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation;

  • Administrative structures of the subjects of the Federation (85 regions);
  • Embassies and trade representations of foreign countries and firms;
  • Secretary General of the Council of Europe;
  • The Eurasian Economic Commission;
  • International women’s organizations.