Accreditation conditions


Dear colleagues!

In order to ensure favorable conditions for the work of media representatives, the following provision on the procedure for accrediting media journalists to the Fair Hands Woman”,, France, Strasbourg, the Palace of Congresses was approved.

Regulations on the procedure for accreditation of representatives of the media to the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman”, France, Strasbourg, the Palace of Congresses.

Article 1. General Provisions

  1. The basis for consideration of the question of accreditation of journalists is the application of the representative of the mass media on accreditation in the form of a completed registration form on the official website of the event–

Article 2. Accreditation procedure

  1. Journalists of only officially registered media have the right to accreditation.
  2. To accredit journalists to the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman” an application for accreditation is submitted.

The application shall include: the name of the mass media, the name of the media leader, the legal and actual addresses of the mass media location, as well as the surname, name, patronymic and position of the accredited journalist (journalists), passport data (series, passport number, by whom and when issued), the place of registration. Data for accreditation must be provided one week before the event.

Any other accreditation cards, as well as service certificates are invalid.

  1. The decision on accreditation is made by the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman”, provided that the mass media comply with this accreditation procedure. The decision on accreditation is brought to the attention of the mass media by the expert of the press service of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman”.
  2. Accredited journalists are issued a badge (badge) of the established sample. The issuance of a pass is made by the press service on the day of visit to the Organizing Committee of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman” upon presentation by the accredited person of the journalist’s certificate of the mass media or other document certifying the identity and authority of the journalist. The pass is valid for the entire period of work at the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman”.
  1. Passage ceases to be valid if the journalist is deprived of accreditation due to violation of these Regulations.

Article 3. Rights and duties of accredited journalists

  1. An accredited journalist has the right:

– free admission to the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman”;

– receive a package of information materials for the media and press releases;

– To attend all events held in the framework of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands  Woman”, except for those that have a closed status and access to which is effected by separate invitations;

– To make records on the  Exhibition-Fair “Hands  Woman”, including using audio and video equipment, film and photography, except for cases provided for by law and these Regulations;

–in consultation with the press service of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands of a Woman” to receive additional information in the form of comments and explanations of the relevant officials.

  1. An accredited journalist is obliged:

– verify the accuracy of information received;

– respect the rights, legitimate interests and business reputation of the organizers, participants and visitors of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman”, as well as the honor and dignity of their officials;

– when recording with the use of audio and video recording, film and photography with individual participants of the Exhibition-Fair “Hands Woman” to notify the latter about recording / shooting.

Article 4. Order of publication and demonstration of materials. The subsequent publication of photographic materials in printed or electronic form, the demonstration of video materials should be accompanied by a link to the location of the shooting – Exhibition-Fair “Hands  Woman”, France, Strasbourg, Congress Palace;

  1. It is prohibited to use the footage in a context that causes commercial or moral damage to the organizers / exhibitors of theExhibition-Fair “Hands  Woman”;
  2. Media representatives must submit to the press service of the Exhibition-Fair “Women’s Hands” ALL published materials (or their copies, indicating the date and time of release) concerning the Exhibition-Fair “Women’s Hands” within 3 days after the end of the event.