The exhibition “Hands of a Woman” is an exhibition of applied arts, ethnography, a charity auction of folk crafts, celebrity attributes, charity events, fashion shows, photo exhibitions, concerts with ethnographic collectives.

The exhibition “Hands of a Woman” is a flexible, dynamic, large-scale structure that was created to solve the current problems and issues facing women all over the world.

The exhibition “Women’s Hands” is a unique platform for the unification of women of various faiths and political views, where the discussion of the most relevant topics is planned.

The exhibition “Hands of a Woman” is an exhibition created to assist the Russian Federation in integrating world processes, current trends, resources, investments, as well as to ensure the image of the Power integrated into all relevant processes, taking into account specificity and own interests.

  • Strengthening Russia’s foreign policy image abroad;
  • Creation of an annual unique platform for rallying women of different faiths and political views from the regions of Russia, CIS countries and abroad;;
  • Expansion and strengthening of interregional and international business cooperation;
  • Attracting attention to the origins of the identity of women of the peoples of the Russian Federation;
  • Presentation of new Russian goods to the European market of goods and services, the creation of joint ventures;
  • Opening of new names and talents in art, fashion and design;
  • Demonstration of national peculiarities of the goods of the multinational peoples of the Russian Federation;
  • Attraction of investments in small and medium business of the Russian Federation, development of integration business processes, for the exchange of experience and implementation of joint projects;
  • Creation of an attractive image of Russian companies of small and medium business for CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

  • Creation of an annual unique platform in Strasbourg to unite women of different faiths and political views, affordable and real for small and medium-sized businesses, an active business dialogue, and, at the same time, provide unique opportunities to search for partners, investors and investment sites;
  • The exhibition will unite women – producers of products, women leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners;
  • The exhibition will demonstrate the multinational wealth of goods and services produced by the peoples of Russia;
  • The image of the Russian Federation will be further developed in the format of a world community open to international, investment business processes that actively promotes the development of small and medium-sized businesses and successfully integrating advanced economic technologies;
  • The exhibition will have a positive impact on strengthening the women’s movement in Russia, interaction between the women of Russia in the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.


3-4November 2018

Strasbourg is the parliamentary capital of Europe. It is in Strasbourg that the largest international forums, congresses and symposia are held.

Many large international holdings, think tanks, specialized investment agencies, lobbying companies, consulting corporations and banking groups have chosen Strasbourg as their resident site.

In Strasbourg, the Council of Europe and representatives of all European countries function.


  1. Profile Ministries of the Russian Federation and regions of the Russian Federation;
  2. Representatives of Trade Representations of the Russian Federation;
  3. Representatives of Rossotrudnichestvo;
  4. CCI of RF regions;
  5. Subjects of the Russian Federation;
  6. Representatives of small and medium-sized companiesо бизнеса регионов РФ;
  7. Women’s organizations of the Russian Federation;
  8. Expert economic community;
  9. Tourist organizations of the Russian Federation.
  10. Russian Bayers (experts, orientated in the novelties and trends of modern fashion)


  1. Representatives of the relevant committees of the Council of Europe;
  2. The City Hall of Strasbourg;
  3. Representations on trade and investment of the Embassy of France in the Russian Federation;
  4. CCI of France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and other countries of the European Union;
  5. Councils for tourism of the EU countries, travel companies;
  6. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses of the European Union;
  7. Compatriots living abroad;
  8. Foreign media.
  9. Foreign Bayers (experts, orientated in the novelties and trends of modern fashion)